The European Recording Orchestra (ERO) is a contemporary orchestra based in Sofia, Bulgaria specializing in studio recording for film, TV, and other mediums and styles.


Comprised of some of the finest orchestral session musicians from a dozen countries across Eastern Europe, the European Recording Orchestra (ERO) regularly records at Bulgarian National Radio Studio 1, Doli Media Studio, and Sofia Session Studio.

Recording music of composers from around the world, the ERO prides itself on providing rich Eastern European musicianship at some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

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A €10M facility nestled in the Northern outskirts of Sofia, Doli Media Studio serves as a full production studio for the film, television and gaming industry throughout Europe.

A fleet of digital Neumann mics, 4 isolation booths plus the primary live room make this studio the perfect space for small or striped ensembles.

Small-Medium: < 38 musicians


Able to accommodate ensembles greater than 110 pieces, Bulgarian National Radio Studio 1 is a gorgeous state-run facility dating back to the early 1900's and located in the city centre of Sofia.


Most recently, John Powell recorded the Bulgarian Women's Choir in BNR Studio 1 for his score to Solo: A Star Wars Story. The natural sound of this acoustic space is on par with any space in the world.

Large: 38+ musicians
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