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All Contestants  •  Extended 120-day trial of Dorico Pro 5

Top 250  •  Exclusive Access to FSAE Online Educational Content and a €1,000 Scholarship to the FSAE Online Graduate Diploma in Film & Game Scoring

Top 150  •  

Top 50  •  Individual Feedback Certificates from the Jury and a private Q&A with Conrad Pope, Hollywood's most prolific orchestrator

Finalists • Top 10

  • One-on-one orchestration lesson with Dr. Norman Ludwin, Hollywood Orchestrator for Michael Giacchino

  • One-on-one "Finding Your Voice" session with Dr. Andy Hill, Director of Studies at FSAE

Top Finalists Top 5

  • 17-piece strings recording session with the European Recording Orchestra (ERO) at Doli Media Studio (Top Finalists #3, #4 and #5)

  • Steinberg's Dorico Elements 5 (Top Finalists #3, #4 and #5)

Winners Top 2

  • 52-piece symphony orchestra recording session with the European Recording Orchestra (ERO) at BNR Studio 1

  • Steinberg's Dorico Pro 5

  • Professionally mixed and edited audio and video from the session to be used in paid promotion for the composer

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